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My Inner Sanctum

Results - Turbo Rumble - Round 5 - Challenge 7 - Color Most Liked

Well, Turbo Rumbole's Round 5 is over halfway now.  The results for my icon are under the cut.  Please pop in and vote for Challenge 8

My entry:

Theme: Color you like the least Spin the color wheel and allow the color you like the least to dictate the direction of your icon.  


+++ I really love the soft coloring and contrast of this icon, the shade of violet of her clothes is gorgeous.

I love the colors here, but the image quality is lost a bit because I
feel like there's too much contrast. The face is almost totally white,
and the blacks are overpowering.
+ The coloring is very pretty but there is too much light on her face, which is making it hard to determine her facial features.
I find the coloring and cropping here to be really well done, but
certain parts of the subject are too sharp, especially around the the
edges of the fabric and hair, partially because the skin is so bright,
which distracts from the subject's expression.


I welcome your input on my entry as well.  Thanks for stopping in.
Tags: icontest communities

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